Our History

The Gospel Hall was constructed back in 1901 and was originally built as a Baptist chapel, but unfortunately the congregation fell away during the war years and it gradually become empty and disused.  The Christians were at this time gathering in the house of Mr Kenton who lived at “Greenways” in the village.  There were only four or five people during those early days but the number soon grew until there were too many to fit into his home.  As a result negotiations took place for the use of the vacant chapel and in 1956 it was purchased by the trustees of the Gospel Hall, who were headed by Mr Basil Kimber.

The Lord Jesus Christ called people from all walks of life to follow him and use his teaching to guide their lives.  These people included fishermen. farmers, soldiers etc., and all became his disciples.  The difference that he had made in their lives was evident and this gave them the desire to share his teaching with others.  The Christians who meet at the Gospel Hall still come from all walks of life and share that same interest in telling others of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.
All have reached a stage in their lives when they realised that Jesus Christ died for their sins at Calvary and have taken him as their own personal Saviour.  They have been baptised by immersion and now as part of the company of Christians who gather at the Gospel Hall desire that you should be there too.

In recent years new legislation came in that required significant changes to the hall.  Construction of the new hall began in 2010 but it was not anticipated to take 3 years to complete.  More details of this project including pictures will be added soon.